General Information

Antares has four distinct product groups which are engraving tools, routing tools, vinyl cutting blades and industrial tool blanks.

The engraving tool category encompasses the complete range of tools for desk-top pantographs to computerized engraving machines. This line of products includes of top-loading and collet type cutters which are produced in sizes and configurations that are compatible with most machines currently in use.

Our industrial tool blank product line consists of standard and metric size carbide blanks in diameters from 1.0 mm to 20.0 mm and 1/32" to 1.0" in lengths to 6.0". Blanks are available as full round blanks, balnks with one end split, blanks with both ends split, and half round blanks. Quarter round splits are also available. These blanks are generally used in heavier engraving and milling applications.

In addition to the finest engraving tools on the market, Antares, Inc. manufactures router tools. We incorporate decades of cutting tool expertise in the design and manufacture of our cutting tools. Our router bits have unique geometry for faster on-center plunge cuts, raised lands for increased strength, and polished flutes and cutting edges for superior cuts. Antares router tools are designed for cutting materials ranging from soft plastics to hard metals. Applications include contour cutting, finishing, fine detail, and 3D modeling.

Our vinyl cutting blade line consists of a broad range of drag-knife blades for most of the popular plotters currently in use. We use a superior grade of migrain carbide to prodce the sharpest cutting edges and help extend tool life.

All of our products incorporate a variety of close tolerance grinding and machining processes including centerless grinding, surface grinding, cylindrical grinding and tool grinding operations. All of our engraving tool and vinyl blade products are finished on high accuracy 4-axis CNC grinders with video optical inspection systems. These machines have been designed and built by Antares to accommodate the specific requirements needed for the accurate and consistent manufacture of these types of tools. With the on-line video systems we have the ability to monitor the quality and dimension of tip widths, offsets and cutting edges as part of the manufacturing process.