1 Flute RouterMill®
Antares RouterMills® have been designed using modified end mill and router bit technology. The results are tools that produce fast, clean, straight-walled cuts in a variety of materials at the higher speeds and lower torque typically associated with engraving machine spindles. RouterMills® are much stronger than Parallel Cutters and work exceptionally well for cutting out complex shapes and other applications where Parallel Cutters have traditionally been used.

1 Flute RouterMill®: For acrylic, Unisub®, ColorLine®, soft plastics, and wood.

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Size Part No. Prefix Available Tip Sizes
1/8" × 4-1/2"
Solid Carbide
ARM-125-1FP .060"*, .090", .125"
11/64" × 6-1/2"
Solid Carbide
ARM-171-1FP .060"*, .090", .125", .171"
1/4" × 6-1/2"
Solid Carbide
ARM-250-1FP .060"*, .090", .125", .187", .250"

(*) Please note that while RouterMills® are stronger than Parallel engraving cutters, a tool sharpened to a .060" tip is inherently fragile. Slower feed and plunge rates must be used to avoid breakage and prolong tool life.