Industrial and Collet Tools

Antares manufactures tools for collet spindles ranging in diameter from 1/16" through 1" and in metric sizes from 2 mm through 10 mm. Much of our product range is available in both Micrograin Carbide and High Speed Steel. We offer unsharpened tool blanks for industrial applications as well as sharpened tools. We also have fluted tools for routing applications in a variety of sizes.

Benefits of Antares Micrograin Carbide:

  • Excellent wear resistance.
  • Sharper edges and finer points.
  • Fewer resharpenings.
  • Resists chipping and breaking.
  • Longer durability.

Antares Grinding Specifications:

  • Diameter Tolerance: Centerless ground to + .0000" / -.0005".
  • Split Tolerance: Precision ground to + .001" / -.000" of tool center.
  • Split Length: From .250" to .625" in proportion to the length of the tool.
  • Split Finish: Six micro-inch minimum for stronger points and better finishes.
  • Special Split Lengths & Tolerances: Available on special orders at a slightly increased cost.