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EZ-Rider® (Burnishing Attachment) Set-Up Instructions

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1. Remove the cutter knob and cutter from the top of the spindle.

2. Screw the EZ-RIDER® tool into the top of the spindle. Note that it has left hand thread - when viewed from the top, turning counter-clockwise will tighten it.

3. Load the job to be burnished into the machine.

4. Move the spindle out over a scrap piece of metal and pause.

5. Manually or electronically bring the spindle down to the normal engraving height.

6. Loosen the set screw in the slot of the EZ-RIDER®.

7. Insert the cutter through the EZ-RIDER® and the spindle, allowing it to come down against the scrap material.

8. Lightly tighten the set screw on the EZ-RIDER®.

9. Manually or electronically bring the spindle down until the EZ-RIDER® set screw is 1/8" to 1/16" above the bottom of the adjustment slot.

10. You are now ready to burnish. Pick up the cutter, turn on the spindle motor, and begin burnishing on the scrap material to test the pressure.

11. The burnishing can be adjusted by repeating step 9. If you are burnishing too deep into the material, move the spindle to reduce the gap in the slot under the set screw. If the burnishing cutter skips across the surface of the material, increase the gap in the slot under the set screw.

12. If you have more than one EZ-RIDER®, set them all at this time. You may then interchange burnishing tools without further adjustment.