Cutter Resharpening

Antares resharpens your tools using the same techniques and the same exacting specifications used in the manufacture of new cutters. Each cutter is ground to the extent required to remove any imperfections, the cutting edge is restored, and the tip is accurately sized using an optical comparator. Cutter shanks are cleaned and oiled as required, and damaged or stripped set screws are replaced at no charge. Unless otherwise specified, cutters will be resharpened to the size and for the material indicated on the knob. If the knob has no marking, please specify the application and desired size. All cutter types and shank sizes can be combined for quantity discounts on resharpening.

- We sharpen your own cutters, they are not exchanged.
- Please do not tape the cutters together or use and an adhesive to identify the cutters.
- Use the Resharp Order Form below to indicate how you would like the tools resharpened.
- It is possible for us to make minor changes to tip size and/or material classification when tools are resharpened.

Download our Resharpening Order Form to send in with your cutters.