Antares Instruments, Inc. was founded in 1962 originally as a reseller of engraving equipment and accessories and a manufacturer of engraving tools and master copy type. Antares was purchased in 1980 by D. S. Donaldson, Inc., an engraving company, owned by David S. Donaldson. The two companies were later merged and continued operations as Antares, Inc. The engraving portion of the business was discontinued in 1990 and the company concentrated all of its efforts into the manufacture of cutting tools for the engraving and sign industries.

Under the new ownership, Antares evolved from a small two-person operation operating on a primarily regional basis to a company with fifteen employees operating on a global basis with distributors and resellers in nearly forty countries.

Our growth over the years has been substantial. We offer a broad range of products which covers the vast majority of engraving and vinyl cutting applications. We are known for providing the highest quality products at competitive prices and we have gained a worldwide reputation for superior customer service and technical support.