SpiralFlute® Cutters

Antares SpiralFlute® Cutters are a hybrid between an engraving cutter and a RouterMill®. They provide the same cutting characteristics as a standard engraving cutter while benefitting from the strength of a fluted tool. This extra strength produces a tool that performs exceptionally well in harder materials such as stainless steel. SpiralFlute® Cutters are available in tip sizes ranging from .005" to .060". These tools produce the best results when used with relatively slow feed rates and cutting fluid. SpiralFlute® Cutters also work extremely well for engraving brass.

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tandard Sizes
Size (inch)
Diameter x Length
Part No. Prefix
1/8 x 2 M12520ASF
1/4 x 2-1/2 M25025ASF


Metric Sizes

Size (mm)
Diameter x Length
Part No. Prefix
3mm x 50mm M11820ASF
6mm x 63mm M23620ASF