Engraving Fact Sheets

This section provides information ranging from terminology and basic overview to detailed technological information. Please feel free to print or download any of the information found on these pages for your own use.

Anatomy of an Engraving Cutter
Detailed terminology, pictures, descriptions, etc.

Engraving Overview
Equipment, Materials, Techniques, Enhancements, and Marketing.

The Engraver's Dictionary
Terminology for engravers.

Rotary Engraving Fact Sheet
Cutters, Cutter Geometry, Speeds & Feeds, and Cutting Fluids.

Burnishing & Surface Engraving Fact Sheet
Burnishing & Diamond Drag Tools, Applications, and Processes.

Burnishing Attachment Set-Up Sheet
EZ-Rider Burnishing Attachment Installation Instruction.

ADA Signage Fact Sheet
Regulations for signage compliant to the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Ballnose Engraving Fact Sheet
Description and Techiques.

Dovetailing Fact Sheet
Applications and Techniques.

3-D Reverse Engraving Fact Sheet
Description and Techniques.

Color Filling Fact Sheet
Oxidizing, Paint Sticks, and Paint Filling Techniques.

Shear Fact Sheet
Specifications and Detailed Set-Up & Adjustment Instructions.