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Diamond Gravers (non-rotating)

Diamond Gravers Non-rotating tools intended for scratch engraving of trophy brass and aluminum. Special 90° diamonds for marking epoxy coated pens are available.

Antares also offers special angles and/or shapes as well as chisel point rotating diamonds. Please call us for additional details.

See our Burnishing Fact Sheet for information on Diamond Drag and Surface marking techniques.

Size Part No. Application For Use In:
1/8" × 1/2" DG-125-1/2 Surface Marking Only New Hermes® Model RV-11 Ring Engraver
1/8" × 1 1/8" DG-125-1 Surface Marking Only For all non-rotating diamond spindles utilizing a "diamond insert"
1/8" × 5" DG-125-4 Surface Marking Only For all top-loading 1/8" spindles
11/64" × 7" DG-171 Surface Marking Only For all top-loading 11/64" spindles
1/4" × 7" DG-250 Surface Marking Only For all top-loading 1/4" spindles
4 mm × 100 mm DG-156 Surface Marking Only Scripta® S Models
6 mm × 160 mm DG-236 Surface Marking Only Scripta® G Models