Ballnose RouterMills®
RouterMills® are also available as a ballnose tool. The radiused tip is ideal for creating smooth finishes on 3-D applications. Ballnose RouterMills® are available in tip sizes from one half of the shank diameter to the full width of the shank. These tools are available only as two flute tools, but have been proven effective in softer materials such as butter-board and soft plastics as well as harder materials such as acrylic and brass. RouterMills® are available in limited tip sizes on most shank sizes.

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Size Part No. Prefix Available Tip Sizes
1/8" × 4-1/2"
Solid Carbide
ARM-125-2FP-BN .060"*, .090", .125"
11/64" × 6-1/2"
Solid Carbide
ARM-171-2FP-BN .060"*, .090", .125", .171"
1/4" × 6-1/2"
Solid Carbide
ARM-250-2FP-BN .060"*, .090", .125", .250"

(*) Please note that while RouterMills® are stronger than Parallel engraving cutters, a tool sharpened to a .060" tip is inherently fragile. Slower feed and plunge rates must be used to avoid breakage and prolong tool life.